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J.Cole Interview

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Throwback Video-Lenzmen 110 Cosmic Transmission

Off of the Lenzmen’s modern-classic LP “Scientific Community & Magnify Lenz”.

To purchase the  album and other Lenzmen projects, go on:  http://www.dynamicamusic.com/store.asp

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StarRJ-Fareign Friday EP

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The album I spent so many years dreaming about is finally a reality. I want to take everyone responsible for helping me on this journey that’s just beginning: my parents for always being in my corner no matter how bad things became and instilling great values to succeed , and loving me no matter how many times I’ve messed up or did something epic-I’m so proud to be your son. My sister and my niece for the love and joy I see from them everyday. DJ Boogiepop (MachiFLU all day) for not only the amazing artwork he did on my album, but giving me a broader perspective on life that helped change my outlook many years ago and being that voice of logic I need no matter what. You are a great friend-sometimes too great. J.Hill (Scholars Rhoade album is the next project) for reminding me why I needed to come out of retirement from hip-hop and why this path is great for me. I’m amazed at how talented you really are and are merely scratching the surface of your greatness. Centri and Dynamics Plus (of The Lenzmen) have helped me for so many years, helping craft and mentoring me as an artist. I aspire to reach their level of greatness that they have. Dabooz we go back to the 35 red days on the kindergarten bus to you playing on your drum set while I would freestyle over your beats. Thanks for helping me craft a “modern-day classic”. Gator Click (Icon and Namebrand particularly), thank you for taking me in to your group and bringing my “Fareign League” element. Lastly, thanks to all the people that have helped me in some fashion on this journey: Andy, Steve.B, Jacqui, Julius, Angela, the  Smithtown crew(too many to name), Michele, Leslie, Pam, Mr. Matt, DT, Jen, Co Cash (RP), JohnNY Winn, Open Mic, DJ Cut Supreme, Hugo, Zo, Brandon,Chuka Iloegbu (super point guard), Doc Munz (Anyaknodiz), my boy Dave (OSU), Tony Tone, Robby Rob, Big Man, my AAU brothers, Miggity and family, my Uncle Joe (RIP), Saeed (RIP), Anthony (RIP), Jay (RIP), Mr. Colon, Mr. Vercillo (my godfather), Ms. Finn, Ms. Reitan, Ms. Mento, Mr. Tache, Professor John, Professor Defilipe, Brentwood, and Long Island as a whole.

“Anything is possible/man that’s the gospel truth”

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Preperation for Fareign Friday

New release date- 6/3/2011

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Intermission Freestyle

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