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Barbers Need To Bring It Back

The barber profession I have great respect for-all professions I have great respect for. However, in the last few years I’ve noticed a shift in professionalism as they’ve gotten younger and younger. I don’t need a barber showing me that they can talk on the phone and cut my hair at the same time: that should be in a barber competition, not your everyday life. Another shift I’ve noticed is the “wig push back phenomenon”. It’s a pandemic going around I’ve seen. I don’t need you to push my natural hairline back to make one you think looks cool for two days then I have to walk around  looking crazy for 5 as it grows back in. Lastly, I miss the time it took for a cut. It  would take a long time for a cut but  I was usually assured  something great. To comment on my frustration, I put this Vince Lombardi sideline rant to speak on my behalf (good look Dante)

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